Champagne Romuald Brognion

1st June 2015

Champagne Romuald Brognion

The Family Brognion have been producing Champagne for several generations in the village of Vaudemange.

Romuald Brognion has been involved in his father’s business since he was very young. He now produces his own Champagne with his wife Laurence.

Thanks to its Chardonnay grapes, the village of Vaudemange is, together with three other villages, part of “PERLE BLANCHE” – “THE WHITE PEARL” – an exclusive area of the Reims mountain.

Here is the selection of Champagne:

Tradition Brut

Intense hint of red fruit aromas, will seduce you by its balance and regularity.

Tradition Demi-Sec

A sweeter version of the tradition brut, recommended with desserts.

Rosé Brut

Supple, round and delicate reflections. This will add a hint of finesse to your meal.

Chardonnay Brut

With aromas of white peaches, citrus and anise. It makes a great aperitif and pairs well with fish and crustaceans.

Veilles Vignes Brut

The grapes, exclusively harvested from old vines, give this Millésime its surprisingly complex aroma. Sophisticated bubbles, notes of candied citrus and fruits in brandy with a long finish.

Prestige Brut

This cuvée, aged for five years in cellar, is the perfect harmony between the subtle presence of Pinot Noir and the finesse of Chardonnay. The particular shape of its bottle is an invitation to enjoy an exceptional wine.

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