Champagne Royal Riviera Monte Carlo

15th April 2016

Champagne Royal Riviera Monte Carlo

Founded in the Principality of Monaco, Champagne Royal Riviera’s mission is to offer the world a fine quality Champagne that celebrates the Monte Carlo lifestyle by conveying the exceptional times that are always enjoyed in Monaco and celebrated with Champagne.

To certify its uniqueness, the brand owners successfully agreed with the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne to include the official licensed logo of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco on the label, despite a general regulation that forbids any other geographical name on a Champagne label. The honor and exclusive rights to the seal was granted by the Principality of Monaco to help spread the historic Monte Carlo Story.

The house was founeded in the Côte des Bar region, known for its exceptional Pinot Noir that ripen well in the high temperatures. 90% of the grapes grown are Pinot Noir, and the other 10% is made up of Chardonnay.

Dedicated cellar master Guillaume Cartier overlooks winemaking at Champagne Royal Riviera.


Champagne Royal Riviera Brut Supreme

Non-vintage Brut Champagne, aged for 3 years, and presented in an eye-catching turquoise blue packaging that reflects its Mediterranean home.

Due to its unique blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals, Champagne Royal Riviera offers a rich, complex and elegant expression that gives a supreme experience for the senses.

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