Champagne sales hit second highest total in 2014

24th January 2015

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Around 308m bottles of Champagne were sold around the world in 2014, according to provisional figures, this would represent a 1% rise in global Champagne sales compared to 2013.

Worldwide Champagne sales are estimated to be 4.5bn euros compared to 4.3bn euros in 2013 and the second highest annual total on record.

French consumption of Champagne fell for the fourth year in a row. Most of this increase has been put down to the booming exports markets of Britain, U.S, Australia and Japan. 1 bottle in every 10 sold in the U.K is Champagne.

In 2007 sales set a new a record of 338,700,000 bottles worth a record €4.56bn.

There will be an estimated 310 million bottles of Champagne produced from the 2014 harvest.

The Comite Champagne’s new managing director, Vincent Perrin, said he expects more Champagne to be sent abroad than sold in France in 2015.

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