Champagne Sanger: Tango Paradoxe Rosé

10th May 2015

sanger rose champagne

Since 1952, the students of Avize Viti Campus have been producing this Champagne with their Cellarmaster.

Crisp and sharp Chardonnay confronts here full-bodied and round Pinot Noir. The confluence of these worlds reminds the Tango, whose paradox is the unique union of a brisk and precise pace with an intense grace. From these two grapes stems a daring rosé: tasting reveals a swirl of red fruit amidst the elegance of white grapes.

The Blanc de Blancs is topped up with 9 to 12% of red wine produced from Pinot Noir from Vallée de la Marne.

This cuvée is produced with 2010 harvest. Manual harvest. Original technique for rosé Champagne production: bleeding technique on red wine for a more concentrated colour.


Eye: raspberry/salmon colour, bright and shiny.

Nose: pleasant, very expressive nose, fresh and fruity, giving out subtle hints of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry).

Mouth: fresh and balanced with red fruit aromas. Slightly spicy, peppery finish.

Tasting advice: our cuvée Tango Paradoxe can be enjoyed from aperitif to dessert. Be so bold as to match it with asian cuisine, with soft goat cheese, or a strawberry tart. Great as a cocktail.

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