Champagne Sélèque: The Fruit of a Musical Score

19th August 2014

Champagne Sélèque: The Fruit of a Musical Score

The story of the House of Sélèque began in 1965, when Henri Sélèque planted his first plots of vines with the help of his father-in-law, Jean Bagnost (then president of the Pierry wine cooperative).

Quickly seduced by the vines, Richard, son of Henri and Françoise, studied oenology and started making Champagne when he joined the estate in 1974.

He brought in modern equipment for vine cultivation and wine-making: a straddle tractor, a new press, vats etc.
The estate grew quickly, and production reached 50,000 bottles in the 1990s.

1995 will remain in our memories as the year when we lost Henri… The “Comédie” blend was created the same year in his honour, with his portrait on the wire cap. He was followed by Françoise in 2011.

The third generation arrived in 2008 – Jean-Marc joined the estate after studying wine and travelling abroad. He has brought new life and a very personal approach to making Champagne.

Vineyard in the spring

Vineyard in the spring

Our vineyards currently represent 7.5 hectares of vines across seven villages in the Marne valley and the Côte des Blancs slopes: Pierry, Moussy, Epernay, Mardeuil, Dizy, Vertus and Boursault.

The grape varieties are dominated by Chardonnay, at 60%, followed by Pinot Meunier with 30% and Pinot Noir with 10%.

In order to express fully the identity of our vineyards, our work with the vines is essential. We cultivate our vines as our eyes and our convictions guide us, and every year forces us to think differently and to adapt. We believe that all our actions must help the vine to defend itself and minimise its sensitivity to variations in the weather. This is why we turn our soil to encourage root development and microbial life in the soil. We also take preventive measures to combat disease and favour balance and biodiversity. The manual work of cultivating our vines is carried out by a team of five people throughout the year.

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