Champagne & Sparkling Wine Awards

We all love to enjoy Champagne and sparkling wines and many will admit that we will be further intrigued to open that bottle of bubbly if it has won an award so Glass of Bubbly are proud to run the international Champagne and Sparkling Wine Awards that are held annually in Westminster, London.

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What are Champagne / Sparkling Wine Awards?

We all love winners and an awards in the wine industry will usually set about picking out from many entries what the judges, most of which will be professional wine folk, see as the best tasting. Awards are usually gold, silver, bronze and highly commended though you will also see the likes of trophy wines which will be the very best of their category / style / region.

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The best Champagne and Sparkling Wines

There are many awards in the wine industry some open to any wines and some, like the Glass of Bubbly Awards, within a certain sector of the industry, ie sparkling wines.

You can usually trust that a gold or a trophy winning wine will be special, they do not always have to be expensive and a name you have heard of before – Research the Glass of Bubbly Awards on our website to see how we award wines and how you can explore the amazing flavours that a glass of fizz can offer you!