Champagne & Sparkling Wine Figures

4th October 2016


The important time for Champagne and Sparkling are the months of November and December. These two months alone represent 33% of the yearly sales of Champagne and 24% of the yearly sales of sparkling wine. That’s a lot of glasses of Champagne and sparkling wine being enjoyed.

Other months that are relevant are February, with Valentine’s Day having a Champagne focus accounting for 10% of the yearly Champagne sales. May, on the other hand, seems more sparkling wine oriented with 17% of the yearly sparkling wine sales. We know that sparkling wines, particularly the English variety have seen a great increase in sales, but with the festive season the approach, the natural occurrence will be that Champagne will begin to grow.

In one year (September 2015-September 2016) Friarwood sold 2200 bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine.

Figures from independent wine merchant Friarwood.

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