Champagne & Sparkling Wine Infused Desserts

21st July 2016

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There are plenty of desserts that have at least a splash of alcoholic drinks in them, from rum to beer, they all add a specific flavor when used. But desserts made with Champagne or sparkling wine are one of the sweetest treats you can serve to your guests on your New Year’s party, graduation party or any other special occasion. Here are the five Champagne infused desserts that will make your party a little bit classier, with their amazing tastes and design.

Champagne Mug Cake

This dessert is cooked directly in your Champagne glass, which makes it perfect for serving at the party. The Champagne Mug Cake has a plain taste because Champagne doesn’t have a strong flavor, but if you want to spice things up, you can add strawberries or any other small fruit to your glass and make it a little more flavorful. Also, because of Champagne bubbles, the cake fizzles a little on your tongue. For a detailed recipe you can go here.

Champagne Sundaes with Toasted Pound Cake Croutons

Champagne Sundaes are perfect for your Valentine’s Day dinner. It is one of the most delicious desserts out there and it can make you tipsy from just one serving. You can make it with little to no effort and pretty quickly too. All of the ingredients, like blood orange sorbet and pound cake, can be bought pre-made in any store and mixed before serving; if you want to make them yourself it will take you a bit more time, but it will all be worth it. To get a full recipe for Champagne Sundaes click here.

Boozy Popsicle Mimosas

These boozy popsicle mimosas served in a wine glass are like something from heaven on long and warm summer days. Cocktails full of ice aren’t enough for warm weather because your ice will melt and water down your drink. That is why – in this dessert – we use boozy orange popsicle, so that as it melts, it adds fruity flavor to your sparkling wine. For this dessert, besides the sparkling wine, you will need Cointreau or Triple Sec for the popsicle, so make sure you go to your nearest shop that sells sparkling wine before you start making them. If you decide to make this dessert, read detailed recipe here.

Champagne Orange Curd

This dessert can be a little bit complicated to make and requires more effort if you want to do it right, but if you succeed you will have a delicious, creamy tart with orange and Champagne flavor. You can put it on toast, bread or dip cookies in it – whichever you choose, it will taste amazing. The Champagne curd is prepared like any other traditional curd but with a few twists and ingredients. If you have some Champagne left over and want to treat yourself with a delicious dessert, the Champagne Orange Curd will be perfect for you. For full recipe go here.

Champagne Cake Roll with White Chocolate

Another ‘harder-to-make-but-totally-worth-it’ dessert is Champagne Cake Roll. This dessert is filled with Champagne buttercream and coated with delicious white chocolate. It is a soft and tender cake that can easily be beautifully decorated, which makes it perfect for serving on any special occasion. Just keep in mind that you will need at least two hours to prepare this dessert before you can serve it to your guests. The full recipe can be found here.

Written by Arron Hiddleston

Glass of Bubbly

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