Champagne Stock Clearance with Something Exceptional

13th November 2015

Champagne Stock Clearance with Something Exceptional

Back in the day, before the endless sales, a stock clearance sale was just that. At Something Exceptional, we only have a small cellar and as well as taking up space, stock is capital that we can’t use for other cuvées.

These sale items are below cost and are on a first come first served basis, the number of bottles available are shown along with the sale price.

Unless you are able to collect, the minimum order is 6 bottles with free delivery. This minimum of six can be made up of any combination, such as 1 sale item and 5 items from our normal stock list at the usual price.

The sale items are;

Pierre Launay

Brut Tradition – 6 Bottles @ £17.00 saving £6.20

This Champagne has a lovely pale gold colour. It has a ripe bouquet of white fruit (peach and pear), with hints of dried or candied fruits producing a complexity of aromas. A straight forward subtle texture, with lightness and plenty of length.

Demi-Sec Tradition – 18 Bottles @ £15.00 saving £8.20 Great in cocktails

60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir with 30% from reserve wines. Aged for 2 to 3 years. Dosage 15g/l.

Brut Réserve – 18 Bottles @ £17.40 saving £6.40

40% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir. Dosage is 8g/l, 30% is from reserve wines.

Brut Sélection – 16 Bottles @ £17.80 saving £6.60

50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir from first pressing only. 30% is from reserve wines and it is aged 3 years. Dosage 8g/l.

Alain Lallement

Brut Tradition – 18 Bottles @ £17.00 saving £7.40

This wine is an assemblage of 67% Pinot Noir and 33% Chardonnay.

Demi-Sec Tradition – 24 Bottles @ £15.00 saving £9.40 Great in cocktails

Same assemblage as the Brut Tradition but more sugar in the dosage.

Rosé – 6 Bottles @ £19.60 saving £7.10

A Rosé d’assemblage with the same base wine mix as the Brut Tradition but with added still Pinot Noir

Blanc de Blancs – 12 Bottles @ £19.30 saving £7.40

100% Chardonnay

Prestige Grand Cru – 12 Bottles @ £20 saving £7.30

First pressing of 50% Chardonnay 50% Pinot Noir

J P Secondé

Brut Tradition – 6 Bottles @ £17.00 saving £7.10

75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay with approximately 40% of preceding years’ wines. Aged 2-3 years, dosage 9g/l.

Demi-Sec – 18 Bottles @ £15.00 saving £7.20 Great in cocktails

75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay 40% reserve wines. dosage : 20 g/l. Aged 2-3 years.

Blanc de Blancs – 18 Bottles @ £18.00 saving £6.80

100% Chardonnay from their vineyards in Verzy, Sillery and Mareuil le Port. Aged 2-3 years. Dosage : 9 g/l.

Blanc de Noirs – 12 Bottles @ £18.00 saving £6.80

100% Pinot Noir from Sillery, Mailly Champagne and Verzenay. Aged 2-3 years. Dosage : 9 g/l

New cuvées

There are 3 new cuvées not on our website yet as we do not have stock, however, we are happy to take orders to add to our next delivery first week in December. As with sale items, orders must be received by Thursday 21st November with payment as described above.



Les Petites Vignes

This delightful champagne comes from a single vineyard in Puisieulx, just to the north and down the hill from Mailly-Champagne. Puisieulx is classified 100% Grand Cru and this cuvée, which is aged for 3 years, is pure pinot noir and limited to 1,000 individually numbered bottles a year, of which only 300 remain. My online price, if it lasts that long, will be £30. This is a real bargain, but I would say that wouldn’t I!



The second new cuvée is a Rosé from Pierre Launay. But they already do a Rosé you say and you are right, however, this is a Rosé de saignée as opposed to a Rosé d’assemblage. It is 100% Pinot Noir and is produced by maceration the grapes and leaving the juice with the skins for 3-4 days to extract the aroma and colour. It is a 2012 vintage limited to 1500 bottles and priced at £32.75.



Glass of Bubbly

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