Champagne Tarlant

12th January 2014

Champagne Tarlant

Champagne Tarlant have been winegrowers in Oeuilly just outside Epernay in the heart of Champagne since 1687. They have always been a family run Champagne House and became one of the pioneer independent Champagne producers in 1928. The 12th generation is represented by brother & sister, Benoit & Melanie Tarlant. The family owns thirteen hectares of vineyards in the Marne Valley.

Champagne Tarlant is unique in the region as they are one of the few champagne growers who make the majority of their wine with zero dosage, ie. no added sugar. The Brut Zero has had no sugar added at the point of disgorgement. This is unusual as most Champagnes will have a little sugar added at this stage to balance the high acidity.


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