Champagne Thiénot Rosé Limited Edition

3rd June 2015

Champagne Thiénot Rosé Limited Edition

Enjoy the Summer with Champagne Thiénot Rosé Limited Edition.

With a pretty pink pastel label and Japanese-inspired floral motifs. The style of Thiénot rosé is very elegant, with its delicate pale pink colour, notes of Morello cherry, blackcurrant and red berry notes.

Version définitive Thiénot Edition Limitée Brut rosé 4 pages

Inspired by the standout fashion trend which donned the spring/summer shows, the limited edition bottle is ornamented in a luxury and feminine pastel pink label, and encapsulates the care-free seasonal ambience through its romantic, Japanese-inspired floral motifs.

The coordinating cooling jacket, which echoes the colour and design of the limited edition labelling, keeps the liquid fresh at its optimum temperature, prevailing a crisp bubbly treat to savour throughout the finest of celebrations.

Glass of Bubbly

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