Champagne & Truffles

27th October 2015

Champagne & Truffles

The truffle is considered the pinnacle of gourmet for enthusiasts, an undisputed ruler of fine dining and poetry for connoisseurs.

Types of Truffles 
White Truffle, one of the most highly esteemed truffles, is extremely rare. Rich in water and mineral salts. Pairs well with Blanc de Blancs and vintage Champagnes.

Black Summer Truffle has an intense and inviting aromatic fragrance and you can perceive the aroma of earthy woodland. Pair with sec/demi-sec Champagne with rich fruity aromas.

Uncinate Truffle belongs to a category of truffles highly appreciated in France known as “Truffe de Bourgogne”. Its flavour is much more intense, distinctive and pleasant than that of the summer truffle.

Bianchetto truffle goes well wih game meat such as venison. Pairs well with Blanc de Noir.

King of Truffles is a young and dynamic company that avails itself of the most experienced employees and hunters. The ultimate goal is excellence. A feature that can be found both in the quality of the selected product, whether fresh or processed and in the choice of high quality packaging: hand-crafted boxes and cases in velvet and satin, bags embossed with genuine nautical rope and special knives for spreading the products with blades manufactured using age-old techniques.


Hand-crafted box with black truffles


Glass of Bubbly

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