Champagne Tumbling Down to Just £7.99 a Bottle

31st December 2016


For many people there will be a pleasant surprise at their local Aldi superstores where they will see Champagne now at only £7.99 a bottle meaning this popular French fizz is even more affordable for all to enjoy. There will of course also be another point of view, as in most things in life usually has, that this knock down price will only but hinder the perception of Champagne being an aspirational and luxury product – £7.99 now puts it at the same price as a basic bottle of Prosecco which has always been known to be a cheaper bubbly alternative.

For some years now we have seen Champagne at £10 a bottle which is hard enough for many in the world of Champagne to justify, but £7.99 now takes thing to a new ‘low’ level which will be hard to explain for many – Especially as much of the wine sold in the UK takes places out our supermarkets across the country.

Having tasted the Veuve Monsigny ourselves, it does get a good review, Christopher Walkey who founded Glass of Bubbly quoted it as being “a great all round example of a typical French Champagne yet without the meaty price tag to match“. So, will this new low price hinder Champagne going forward, will it have an effect on those selling Champagne and the more well known meatier priced labels, or will it just be something that runs with Aldi for a day or two and soon forgotten?

One positive thing is that it will get more people tasting Champagne, maybe for some their first time, and them then going on to wanting to explore this wine region further in years to come with more selective labels / styles. Everyone needs to start with Champagne somewhere…

Glass of Bubbly

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