Champagne Uncorked – The House of Krug by Alan Tardi

17th May 2016

Champagne Uncorked - The House of Krug by Alan Tardi

Alan Tardi, an American wine-food journalist and author has written a new book about Champagne.

Champagne, Uncorked The House of Krug and the timeless allure of the World’s most celebrated drink is different from most of the Champagne books on the market in that it closely follows one house through the entire complex process of creating a classic (blended, non-vintage) Champagne—the Grande Cuvèe chez Krug, in this case — from pre-harvest visits to vineyards and suppliers, to harvest, fermentation, and the prolonged series of tastings that results in the ‘recipe’ for that year’s assemblage and from there through the second fermentation and long maturation leading up to disgorgement and finally, release as Alan spent a year inside the prestigious and secretive Krug.

The book also  provides a historical context  with a re-cap of the history and evolution of Champagne from early origins to the present day interwoven with the present day.

champagne uncorked Alan Tardi

The epitome of effervescence and centerpiece of celebration, Champagne has become a universal emblem of good fortune and few can resist its sparkle.

“Wine exists on two different levels. One is earthly: a comestible beverage, a source of calories, an everyday ritual, a commodity and for some, a means of income. The other is extra-terrestrial: an agent of transformation, a mysterious elixir that can stimulate profound sensory experiences, stretching our capacities to smell, taste, see and even touch; a potion that can magically lift us out of the daily routine and transport us to other times and places…” 

The US publication date is May 24 and it will be published in the UK soon after.


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