Champagne Warehouse

30th March 2014

Champagne Warehouse

Hand picked, exclusive sparkling wines from around the world…

Initially wine, and in particular Champagne, was a hobby of mine, and after several visits to the Champagne region, I became frustrated that the Champagnes I enjoyed over there were not available over here. After working for many years in IT, I felt I really wanted a new challenge and one I would love; so I approached the growers directly to see if they would allow me to import their products to the UK. They agreed, and Champagne Warehouse was born. – Tony Stones, founder of Champagne Warehouse.


At Champagne Warehouse  we’re passionate about bringing new and exclusive small and medium grower Champagnes and sparkling wines to the UK market. We have over 10 years expertise in supplying both on and off trade customers; meeting their differing and often complex needs.

Our philosophy is “Discovery beyond the label”. When you buy wines from us, you are paying for the wine, passion, skill and individuality of the grower and not for the expensive brand name or marketing.

Today Champagne Warehouse sells Champagne, Prosecco, Cava and English sparkling wine.

Many of the Champagnes you will find on the site will have RM on the label, RM stands for Récoltant-Manipulant this is a grower (or house) who grows his own grapes to make his own Champagne.

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