Champagne With Pad Thai From SimplyCook

24th July 2023

Champagne with Pad Thai from SimplyCook

Cooking can be a great form of art, it can be a way to display passion or release stress, it’s a joy to those with a creative mind, those who are willing to experiment and try.

If you’re wishing to go beyond the everyday meals of pizza, burgers and fish fingers, the simple (delicious) foods of this world, then somewhere like SimplyCook is a place to explore, the idea behind SimplyCook is to gift you new flavours to enjoy with your meals every week for an affordable price, none of their recipes take longer than 30 minutes to cook, meaning that to achieve great flavour, you don’t have to spend hours crafting it, there are currently over 140 recipes to choose from, you simply pick 4 different recipes to add to your box and place your order, with your first box costing just £1.

The ingredients for the meal need to be bought by you separately, it’s the flavours and recipe that are provided by SimplyCook, it can turn a boring evening of cooking into something a little more exciting, it makes it much easier to cook with some flavour, eliminating the excuses of trying to find a recipe that involves things you already own or trying to decide on a recipe to buy the right ingredients for.

The introductions are easy to follow, the vibrant image on the front inspires you on and serves as a marker of how you want your meal to look, there is even a piece of the card with the ingredients on that you can tear off to take with you shopping.

After cooking and then carefully presenting my meal, I decided to pop open a bottle of Champagne, but rather than the classic white, or even a Rosé, I decided to go for a Rosé de Saignée, a darker, more concentrated Rosé expression, delivering jammy and tart characters from the red berry family.

Champagne Roger Constant Lemaire

Champagne Roger Constant Lemaire is led by brothers Guillaume (winemaker) and Sébastien (head of international marketing and sales) with guidance from their parents Gilles and Brigitte.

Their story begins in the 19th century, with a man who was both a gardener and poet, Mr. Désiré Lemaire was the one who bought the first pieces of land in Hautvillers, which became the epicenter to the Maison Roger-Constant Lemaire

It wasn’t until 1945, when his grandson, Roger-Constant, had the vision to expand, he doubled the area of the estate and moved the epicenter of the family to Villers-sous-Chatillon.

Then it was Roger-Constant’s daughters, Brigitte Lemaire, and her husband, a talented young winemaker by the name of Gilles Tournant who breathed further life into their family tradition, combined with their children Sebastien and Guillaume, they continued producing exceptional Champagne, forging their own path.

Champagne Roger-Constant Lemaire – Rosé de Saignée – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Strawberries displayed like jams and tarts, sweetented with jammy textures, under that layer of glorious strawberry lies freshly baked pastries, French brioche and toast.”

Flavour – “Soft strawberries, raspberries and cherries, both freshly picked and in jammy form, with notes of well toasted bread, croissants and brioche to envelop the experience.”

Silver Medal in the Winter Warmer Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

How Do They Pair Together?

Pairing Notes – “The Rosé drops a party wave of red berries, from strawberries to cherry and even some raspberries, these flavours soak into the noodles, drawing out a hidden spiciness from the sauces by SimplyCook, these wonderfully kind Champagne flavours work with the dish, complementing each other throughout.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.