Chanoine Frères

23rd April 2014

Chanoine Frères

Chanoine Frères is the second oldest Champagne house.

The Chanoine family is one of the oldest in Épernay. In 1730, during the reign of Louis XV, the brothers Jacques-Louis and Jean-Baptiste Chanoine established a company trading in the wines of Champagne under the name of Chanoine Frères.


Also in 1730, the Chanoine brothers were granted permission by the town of Epernay to begin excavation of the very first Champagne cellars.


Chanoine Frères now possess ultra-modern and highly functional production facilities in Reims that ensure peerless quality.


Our entire production is stored, automatically turned, disgorged and packaged to the very highest standards under fully controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.

They also produce the prestigious TSARINE range, a Champagne that is often in the cinema spotlight.

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