Chaource with Champagne Veuve Monsigny

15th August 2016

Chaource with Champagne Veuve Monsigny

Chaource is a soft cheese made from cow’s milk in the village of Chaoruce, France. It has a soft-ripened, creamy texture. It is a young, Brie-like cheese with an edible rind. It has a mild taste, with a slight mushroom aroma and chalky texture. A beautifully complementary pairing, the Champagne Veuve Monsigny Brut lifts the citrus, apple and soft red fruit notes of the wine and provides enough acidity to balance the soft creamy texture of the cheese.

Champagne Veuve Monsigny is run by husband and wife, Stéphane and Virginie Philizot. Stéphane comes from a family of winegrowers spanning four generations. Their business is located in the village of Reuil, at the heart of the Champagne region. Stéphane started producing his own Champagne in 2002 with his renowned winemaking uncle, Gérard l’Herondelle – the former head of winemaking at Champagne Lanson.

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