Charles Heidsieck

14th March 2014

Charles Heidsieck

Charles Heidsieck was founded in 1851 by the legendary Champagne Charlie himself. Charles-Camille was a dashing figure in Champagne, known as a dandy and a gentleman who travelled extensively selling his champagnes to the royal courts of Europe and American high society.

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He famously purchased the underground cathedral-like chalk cellars under Reims, originally dug out by the Romans 2000 years ago. The cellars are a unique place to age the champagnes (only five Champagne houses today own Roman cellars) as they remain an ideal 10ºC throughout the year and have a perfect level of humidity. They are still used today to house all the Charles Heidsieck Champagnes as they age.

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Today the Champagnes are recognised by industry experts as some of the very best to come from Champagne and win countless awards and accolades. The winemaker Thierry Roset places great importance on the reserve wines used in the production of the non-vintage blends. The Brut Réserve contains an astonishing 40% reserve wines with an average age of 10 years, and is aged a minimum of 36 months in the Roman cellars. It is a Champagne with wonderful richness, complexity and balance.

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