Chassenay d’Arce Champagne

12th April 2014

Chassenay d'Arce Champagne

Chassenay d’Arce is a remarkable and unique Champagne lovingly produced in the slightly warmer climate of the Côte des Bar located in the very South of the Champagne region. The founding vinegrowers from a village known as Ville Sur Arce chose to cooperate back in 1956 to create this “Maison de Vignerons”, the gathering point for all of the 130 families who have joined in this exiting adventure for more than 50 years. It is here, in the heart of the Côte des Bar, that the vinegrowers of Chassenay d’Arce tend 325 hectares of an exceptional vineyard.

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Today, Chassenay d’Arce is a house built on tradition and quality. The winemakers create their range using only the very best grapes from the first pressing, known as the cuvée, and all bottles are aged for a minimum of 36 months. This attention to detail and commitment to quality creates a range of Champagnes with rich expression and great finesse. The Champagnes from Chassenay d’Arce are multi-award winning but most recently received silver and gold medals at ‘The Champagne Masters 2013’.

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Chassenay d’Arce Champagne is exclusively imported to the UK by First Class Products (Oxford) Ltd. Tom Ellis, founder and Managing Director, started this business whilst in his first year at Exeter University in 2007 and was recently recognised as an ‘enterprise success story’. As the business develops, the brand of Chassenay d’Arce is continually positioned as luxury and exclusive which is not available through large retailers. Chassenay d’Arce is currently the house Champagne at The Royal Society in London and Highclere Castle, home of the hit ITV series Downton Abbey. This exceptional range of Champagne is also available through a network of regional partners across the UK, both on and off line. (new website to be launched shortly).

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