Chinese Afternoon Tea at Harrods

28th April 2016

Chinese Afternoon Tea at Harrods

On Monday 25th April, contemporary Chinese restaurant Chai Wu, will launch a new Chinese Afternoon Tea menu. Located on the fifth floor of Harrods, Knightsbridge’s world-famous luxury department store, the restaurant will host a unique tea experience; embracing the rich history of Chinese tea and indulging guests with a feast of refined cuisine, presenting an exciting alternative to London’s traditional afternoon tea menus.

Chinese tea has a cultural and historic legacy spanning thousands of years, yet with its many medicinal and relaxing properties it remains a tonic to the stresses of modern life.  Chai Wu’s afternoon tea menu features six Chinese fine teas, such as Chrysanthemum Flower Tea and Ali Shan High Mountain Tea, an Oolong tea slow grown at altitudes of up to 1400m which produces a sweet flavour.

A selection of premium teas from the Harrods Own range are also available, including the 1849 Blend, created to celebrate Harrods’ 150th anniversary, and Harrods Bari, planted for Harrods at the turn of the millennium in the hills of Darjeeling.

Chai Wu’s Head Chef Tong Fatt Kok has created an enticing menu of contemporary Chinese treats incorporating speciality and luxury ingredients.

The gastronomic journey will begin with a palate-cleansing baby spinach soup, followed by the arrival of a stunning two-tier stand brimming with savoury morsels. This includes a selection of mouth-watering chopped salads with combinations of fresh ingredients such as; scallop, king crab, avocado with spicy mayo and grilled Shitake mushroom with kampyo, asparagus, avocado and yuzu dressing. Kaya Toast, with a caramel jam filling, is playfully presented as a finger sandwich; a nod to the quintessentially British afternoon tea tradition.

Chai Wu is renowned for its expertly made dim sum, featured dishes include; Wagyu beef puff topped with gold leaf; lobster wonton, prawn dumpling with caviar and chicken steamed and fried gyoza.

The first of the sweet courses is Chendol, a hugely popular traditional dessert, where silky liquid layers of plum sugar, red bean paste and coconut milk suspend cubes of jelly and vibrant green rice flour jelly noodles. Finally, a platter of exquisite desserts include green tea cheesecake, mango mousse and a coconut and brown sugar filled pandan pancake roll.

Champagne Moutard Vineyard

Champagne Moutard Vineyard

Those celebrating, or simply deserving a treat, can elevate their experience to Champagne afternoon tea with a flute of Moutard Brut or Moutard Rosé Champagne.

The Chai Wu Chinese Afternoon Tea at Harrods offers a truly unique dining experience; embracing the heritage of Chinese tea in contrast with the vibrancy of Chai Wu’s contemporary Chinese cuisine. The menu will be served daily, priced at £59 per head or £69 per head with a glass of Champagne, reservations are required.

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