Christmas Prosecco Cocktail Gift Box

30th November 2021

Pale Fox Single Estate Prosecco

Do you want to try a new Prosecco and also create your own Cocktail at the comfort of your own home?

This is an exciting box to receive in the post, most of us love a bottle of Prosecco, but to add to that, get all the ingredients you need to create a delicious cocktail as well, now that sounds perfect.

Opening the box you see a beautiful design of a fox’s face, along with the hashtag, #FreeTheFox, it’s nicely presented inside, providing everything you need to create your own Christmas Spritz Cocktail, the only thing you need to provide is the glass and ice.

The Pale Fox Prosecco

The Pale Fox Prosecco brand was created by two English men on a late summer’s afternoon in 2018, in a forgotten corner of northern Italy, where the Venetian coastal plain rises to form the first foothills of the Alps, lies the Valle delle Volpi or Valley of the Foxes. Located in the exclusive Superiore DOCG region of Asolo-Montello, where according to legend, the foxes gather to play in the pale moonlight among the vines where pale grapes grow, the two English wine enthusiasts tasted some sparkling wine from the region, which inspired them to create their own brand, gaining inspiration for their name thanks to the Foxes meeting up by the Pale grapes on the vines in the Pale moonlight.

They control the yield of each harvest, making sure they prioritize quality over quantity, only picking the best grapes. Pale Fox put in a lot of effort to make sure they are sustainable, with only using 100% renewable energy sources, from both solar and hydro-electric energy, they have also partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree every time they place an order. Pale Fox can also proudly states that they are 100% plant-based, making them 100% Vegan friendly. For an added bonus they don’t add in a lot of added sugar, allowing the Prosecco to do the talking and making each glass only 75 Kcal.

Most Prosecco’s undergo 30 days of secondary fermentation, but Pale Fox decided they wanted to extend that time to 90 days, resulting in what they believe is an infinitely more complex flavour and finer, more persistent bubbles, let’s try it and see if those extra 60 days are worth the wait.

Aroma πŸ‘ƒ “A very smooth aroma of green apples, soft citrus, ripe yellow fruits, floral notes with a sweetness on the aroma.”

Flavour πŸ‘… “An expressive array of flavours, ranging from fresh orchard fruits, white floral, pink salmon and honeysuckle, it’s smooth with a sherbety kick.”

Christmas Spritz Cocktail


  • Pale Fox Prosecco
  • Bitter Amaro
  • Cranberry Syrup
  • Sparkling Water
  • Dried Orange

How To Make the Christmas Spritz Cocktail


  1. Add ice to a large wine glass.
  2. Add 20mls of Bitter Amaro.
  3. Add 15mls of Cranberry Juice.
  4. Pour in 125mls of chilled Prosecco to your glass.
  5. Top with a dash of Sparkling Water.
  6. Then garnish with some orange wheel garnish.

Tasting Notes

Aroma πŸ‘ƒ “A Cranberry and orange, with a touch of bitter amaro on the aroma., which gives it those herbal notes.”

Flavour πŸ‘… “A cool refreshing cocktail, an inital sweet touch from the Cranberry syrup, which flows into a light orange/herbal bitters flavour, combined with a crispt Fruity touch from the Prosecco.”

After enjoying that delicious cocktail, why not enjoy the final little treat they’ve included in the box for you, a little biscuit to complete the whole experience, if this sounds like an interesting experience or even a gift for someone you love this Christmas, you can check out this set right here.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.