Chuckling Cheese and Champagne

29th March 2023

Chuckling Cheese and Champagne

Cheese and Champagne, a combination of enjoyment and pleasure, exciting the tastebuds, the palate and the mind, in the delight of company, friends or family.

We love pairing Cheese and Champagne, it’s a classic that works on so many levels, I’ve enjoyed Champagne tastings in Épernay where they’ve offered a gorgeous display of cheese and meat to enjoy with your glass of bubbly, and it’s no different when enjoying the pairings at home.

We’re taking a classic Champagne from Deutz and some marvellously unique cheese from The Chuckling Cheese Company for this pairing experience.

Champagne Deutz

The Gardens at Champagne Deutz

The wonderful Champagne house of Deutz has a vast history and a bright future, welcoming Caroline Latrive as their new Cellar Master and having a successful 2022 harvest.

“We must remain humble and prudent as it is only when we taste the still wines in a few months that will we be able to confirm with certainty that the 2022 vintage is of high quality and true to the Deutz hallmark style.” – CEO of Champagne Deutz – Fabrice Rosset

Champagne Deutz – Brut Classic – Tasting Notes

Aroma – “Lemongrass, citrus, lemon candy, sherbet, elegant and delicate characters, honeysuckle, lemon gateaux and some wild green apples.”

Flavour – “Fruity, delicate sweet and soft citrus, glazed lemon gateaux, with lemongrass, lemon sweets, yellow stone fruit juices, green grapes on the length, freshly squeezed green grape juice, grapefruit and yellow floral on the palate.”

Gold Medal in the Classic & Elegant Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2022

The Chuckling Cheese Company

The Chuckling Cheese Company is a family run business established in 2015, with the aim of delivering a range of luxury and delicious hampers, including some of the finest British cheese, chutneys, treats and even a bottle of bubbly, they have over 50 handmade cheeses available with over 100 different options on offer in their Cheese gifts & cheese hamper range.

You can craft your own hamper, including all your favourites and even include something new to try.

They have a fantastic range of unique cheeses, gifting new flavour profiles, perfectly captivating the characters of the real item, like the Red Onion, or the wide flavouring of a Sunday Roast.

The Cheese and Champagne Pairing

Truffles – “The Champagne enhances the Truffle flavours, bringing out the best of the cheese’s mature cheddar flavours.”

Red Onion – “I love cooking with red onions, and this cheese reminds me very much so of cooked red onion, capturing its flavours and a touch of its sweetness with the bonus of the cheesy characters.”

Charcoal Cheddar – “Although I am in love with Ginger (the flavour, not a girl), this Charcoal Cheddar is excellent, truly remarkable, no matter how I write this, I won’t be able to capture the enjoyment level of this cheese, don’t bother pairing it, enjoy it simply on its own, or on a cracker/slice of bread, 10/10.”

Sunday Roast – “Sage, thyme, onion, stuffing initially, with a mid-palate of a spicy close with black pepper, and a close of roast chicken.”

Ginger Cheddar Cheese – “For anyone who loves ginger and cheese, this is a gorgeous cheese, a wonderful display of subtly soft cheese and sweet ginger, now for the pairing, the Champagne enhances the ginger characters, adding a soft level of spiciness to the ginger, elegance from the Champagne, but ultimately leaves the cheese to shine.”

Limoncello Cheddar Cheese – “Wow, a dessert in a cheese, the Champagne in all honestly slips by leaving solely the cheese to display its characters.”

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.