Clairette de Die & Crémant de Die

15th June 2014

Clairette de Die & Crémant de Die

Clairette de Die is a natural sparkling wine made in the Drôme county of France.


It is made from two grape varieties: White Clairette (25% max) and White Muscat with small grains.

Its pale yellow dress presents very beautiful bright glints. Smells of apricot appear to the nose then the Clairette de Die reveals us delicates perfumes of roses and citrus fruits, typical aromas of Muscat variety which give to this wine all its elegance and its femininity. The effervescent leaves place then to a sensation of smooth very appreciated.

Clairette de Die is an A.O.C. since 1942 and follows the Ancestral Dioise Method (fermentation in bottle from 6 to 12 months).

It is made by l’Union des Jeunes Viticulteurs Recoltants, the third producer of Clairette de Die. It was originally created as the union of 7 wine growers in 1961.

Crémant de Die is a traditional method sparkling wine made by the same producers of Clairette de Die and is part of the big family of French Crémants.


It contains two grape varieties: White Clairette (70%) and Aligoté (30%).

Buttered with some flavours of apple and green fruits, the Crémant de Die brut combine aromatic richness and final freshness.

Its fine and light foam makes an elegant wine of beautiful pale gold colour.

It is made using an analogue method to the one used for Champagne, the traditional method (second fermentation in the bottle).

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