Classic Cocktails That You Must Try

23rd May 2022

Cocktails at ULI London

It doesn’t matter if you are a cocktail connoisseur or you enjoy a good cocktail every so often; you will enjoy these timeless drinks that will outlive any era. There are a ton of new cocktails, but these are the ones that remind us of the good old days.

Old fashioned

It won’t be a list of classic cocktails without it. This drink goes back to the 1800s when cocktails were as simple as possible. A spirit, bitters, water, and sugar. No fluff, but it’s still a people’s favorite.

If you want to make your cocktail the old-fashioned way, grab a cocktail glass, your favorite whiskey, angostura bitters, sugar, and water. Depending on the flavor you prefer, you can use bourbon or rye whiskey. Rye has a dry, spicy kick, while bourbon is much sweeter. Now kick your feet up and enjoy your cocktail.

White Russian

The White Russian is a simple cocktail that requires only three ingredients, and it’s a spin on the Black Russian because of the added cream. You need to enjoy creamy goodness: vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream.

Kahlúa is a coffee liqueur derived from Arabica coffee beans and rum. It has a rich and sweet flavor that tastes like coffee with hints of vanilla and caramel. Paired with vodka and heavy cream, they form a delicious drink that tastes kind of like chocolate mocha. In my experience, you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a White Russian, and it hits the spot every time, no matter the season.


The Negroni is another three-ingredient classic that you can’t go wrong with. This classic cocktail was born in Italy in the 1800s.

It is one of the easiest to make. Stir equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari in ice, and the Negroni is born. I highly recommend adding an orange peel to garnish, or you can enjoy it as is. Another twist to this classic is the Americano, with the same ingredients but add a splash of soda for extra fizz.

The Negroni is a balance of bitter, sweet, and fruity notes. The Campari is at the heart of this drink, providing the bittersweet yet citrusy and spicy taste we appreciate. The Negroni can be an acquired taste for many, but if you are a fan of rich bittersweet flavors.


It wouldn’t be a list of timeless cocktails without the classic Margarita. There are tons of stories of its origins but what we know is that it goes as far back as the mid-1900s, and it’s still a bestseller to this day.

There are variations to this drink, but if you want a good old-fashioned Margarita, you’ll need tequila, orange liqueur, agave syrup, and lime juice. You can mix your ingredients and serve on the rocks or blend them for a delicious slushie. Garnish the rim of your cocktail glass with salt and throw in a slice of lime for extra garnish.

The Margarita has a sour-sweet taste thanks to the tequila, orange liqueur, and lime, and the salt balances it all out. The best Margarita comes fresh, so make sure you use fresh juice.


What is brunch without Mimosas? This cocktail couldn’t be more straightforward, made with only two essential ingredients. You need some champagne, orange juice, and a champagne flute. You cannot serve your mimosa in anything else if you want it to remain classic.

To make the best mimosas, use cold ingredients and keep them chilled until served. There are several variations to Mimosas made with other fruit juices, so there is so much more to try if you love this one.

Mimosas have a sweet, fizzy taste thanks to the orange juice; if you want it even sweeter, add more juice. Mimosas go straight to your head, so take small sips and truly relish it.


Next up is the Cosmopolitan. You can tell why people love it by just looking at it, and it has an attractive pink color that screams party. But it doesn’t have to be a party to enjoy a Cosmo.

The classic Cosmo requires citron vodka, cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and lime. Because Citron vodka may not be easy to come back, you can swap it for regular vodka and lemon juice. Mix it all up and serve it chilled in a martini glass. Add a lime wedge to the rim to garnish, and you have a refreshing cocktail.

If you have a sweet tooth, this will be your go-to. It has a sweet, tangy taste that masks most of the flavor from the alcohol, so be careful with this. So be careful with this, it doesn’t taste like it, but it packs a serious punch.


Finally, we have a sour cocktail that takes us back to its creation in 1918. This classic requires cognac, orange liqueur, and lemon juice.

The recipe is pretty much the same as a Margarita. Pour equal parts of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and mix until it’s chilled. Strain the mixture into a cocktail glass with sugar on the rim and enjoy. The sugar is optional, but it adds sweetness to the sour flavor.

One way that I can describe this cocktail is that it tastes like summer. It has a rich, crisp taste, and the cognac adds a type of warmth that you don’t get in most other cocktails. If you haven’t tried this yet, get your shaker ready, and don’t forget to garnish your glass with sugar.

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