Comité Champagne Cancels Annual London Tasting

28th July 2016

Comité Champagne Cancels Annual London Tasting

The Comité Champagne trade association has announced that it will not be holding a tasting in London in 2017.

‘Comité Champagne has been reviewing the annual tastings around the world and it was decided to pause the activity in the UK for the time being.  The event which has been running since 1994, has been very successful, but we feel it is time to review it.’ sai Françoise Peretti.

She did not rule out future tastings, but said that none were likely to take place before 2018. Rather, the Comité is looking to change how it markets Champagne, having held the same event for more than 20 years.  It is instead looking into engaging with ‘agents, the media, the trade and educators’ to create other big, small and digital events.  Peretti stressed that ‘education is number one on the Comité Champagne list’.

The Comité Champagne, formerly known as the CIVC (which stands for Comité  Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne), is a trade association representing  Champagne’s producers and houses. It is tasked with promoting the region’s wines  through R&D, as well as marketing and protecting the Champagne appellation.

The generic body was established in 1941 and has held a tasting in London since 1994,  which, for the past two years, was held at One Great George Street.

“An extraordinary decision which will give other sparkling wines the opportunity, Comité Champagne has opened the door for the likes of Cava, English Sparkling and Franciacorta to take full advantage.” Christopher Walkey, Glass of Bubbly Founder.


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