Cooking with Champagne and Sparkling Wine

24th September 2015

Cooking with Champagne and Sparkling Wine

On the rare occasion that you have some left over bubbly from the night before, why not try using it in a meal? Champagne and sparkling wine can bring a wonderful, delicate flavour to a dish. Although the ideas call for Champagne, a good quality sparkling wine can do the job as well.

Scallops with Champagne Sauce
A surprising quick and easy meal – delicious too. We know sparkling wine goes very well alongside seafood, so it makes sense it goes great cooked with it. Create the sauce by combining mushrooms, shallots and Champagne (or another good quality sparkling wine) and sauté in pan.

Cooking seafood and fish with sparkling wine is often a good match, you can also try salmon or sea bass in Champagne sauce

Champagne Risotto
Cook up a tasty risotto with shallots, arborio rice, parsley and of course, bubbly.

Chicken au Champagne
Add some elegance to your chicken by cooking it in Champagne or sparkling wine. Pour the wine over chicken breasts before cooking under a broiler. The skin will brown nicely and absorb the Champagne.

Baste turkey or chicken with Champagne and seasoning for a special occasion.

Baste turkey or chicken with Champagne and seasoning.

Champagne Baked Ham
Create tender and juicy ham with a delicious Champagne glaze. This takes around 2 hours but doesn’t require a lot of attention.


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