Corvezzo Organic Prosecco

12th November 2015

Corvezzo Organic Prosecco

Corvezzo Wine is an Italian winery situated in Cessalto, a town not far from Venice.

The history of this land, which has been well known since the Roman age for its fertility, is inextricably linked with the wine-production tradition of the Corvezzo family.


From the early 1900s, Giuseppe Corvezzo had been working the land of Cessalto’s Venetian Nobility until 1960, when his son, Giovanni, founded the first family’s winery on the current location. Then, in 1970 due to the knowledge and the abilities of Renzo and Giuseppe, Giovanni’s grandsons, the family increased the cultivated area to a total of 140 hectares.

Today, Renzo’s sons, Giovanni and Katia, have the honor to continue the growth path of the family winery; they are working hard to complete a process of organic-conversion of the vineyard.

At the moment, the 25% of the vineyard’s total surface is organic cultivated and it will be fully organic converted by 2017.


Corvezzo is specialized in the production of Organic Prosecco, which is available in three different versions:

  • The sparkling Organic Prosecco – Millesimato
  • The Organic Prosecco – Frizzante
  • The Bottle Re-fermented Organic Prosecco – Frizzante

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