‘Cossack’ Sparkling Wine Vintage 2006

11th January 2014

‘Cossack’ Sparkling Wine Vintage 2006

‘Cossack’ Sparkling Wine Vintage 2006

Made from a blend of the Auxerrois Blanc (a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir sharing the ancestry of Chardonnay) and Rulander grapes (a German synonym for Pinot Gris). It is made using the traditional bottle fermentation method and is aged up to three years on its lees. A classically structured wine that lasts on the palate. Equally delightful to drink either on its own or with food.

2006 Tasting Note: A fine delicate mousse with a nice depth of fruit on the nose with the richness of pineapple on the start of the palate. Citrus, a mix of grapefruit and lime refreshes the mid palate and although quite crisp and racy at the back there is fuller feel to the finish.

Alcohol – 10.5 %
Acidity – 6.5 g/l
Sugar – 1.4 g/l


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