Could Champagne bubbles help address the world’s energy needs?

22nd December 2014

could champagne bubbles help solve world energy needs

We knew it all along, Champagne is always the answer!

Researchers in Tokyo may have discovered how Champagne bubbles could address the world’s future energy needs.

Using Japan’s most powerful computer, they have explored the physcics of Champagne bubbles to help find better alternatives for efficient energy.

“Uncork a bottle of champagne, and as the pressure of the liquid is abruptly removed, bubbles immediately form and then rapidly begin the process of “coarsening,” in which larger bubbles grow at the expense of smaller ones.”

This phonomenon is known as “Ostwald ripening” and besides its link with sparkling wine, it is also seen in a variety of scientific systems including spin systens, foams and metallic alloys.

Applied at a much larger scale, Ostwald ripening can be observed in a power-generating turbine. During the phase transition, no one is exactly sure what is occurring inside the boiler especially how bubbles form.

This is why the team at the University of Toyko set out to improve their understanding of bubbles and show how important this research could be to the future of engineering.

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