Court Garden Sparkling Wine

16th May 2014

Our award winning sparkling wines are produced using the traditional method of bottle fermentation where long ageing on the lees adds to the complexity of the flavour.

2010 is our fourth vintage and for the first time, joining our Classic Cuvée, we have a sparkling Rosé as well as our first Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs.

court garden bottles

Court Garden 2010 Vintage Classic Cuvée

Judges described our Classic Cuvée as “Pale silver lime-leaf green, continuous small bubbles; toasty, under-ripe pineapple and greengage fruit behind; Brut-style, balanced with creamy mousse and great freshness, long finish. Elegant.

Court Garden 2010 Vintage Blanc de Blancs

Judges had to say of our Blanc de Blancs: “Pale lemon-green, continuous tiny bubbles and tight cordon; ripe peach and apple fruits with smoky-toasty autolysis; noticeably off dry crisp and balanced, mid weight, well-integrated and excellent concentration and length, savoury finish. Gorgeous.

Court Garden 2010 Vintage Blanc de Noirs

Judges: “Silver lime-leaf green, fine fizz; good yeast autolysis and green fruit with lemon grass accent; lovely delicate style with good balance between acidity and dosage. Nicely defined mid-palate with rich flavour, clean and crisp finish. Attractive.

Court Garden 2010 Vintage Rosé

court garden rose

Judges: “Very Pale peach hue, frothy; dried cranberry, autolytic; nicely defined red fruit flavours, lively acidity balancing creamy mousse and good weight, nicely balanced, savoury finish with a lovely brioche character. Very good.

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