Court Garden vineyard

16th May 2014

In the Lea of the South Downs, in Ditchling, East Sussex, Court Gardens Farm has a long history of farming.

In Saxon times the farm was known as the Manor of Ditchling Garden, from the middle ages to the reformation it was held by the monks at the priory in Lewes. After a short spell owned by the crown the farm became known as Court Garden. The farm appears on one of the earliest maps of Sussex, not much has changed in the landscape since then.

The vineyard was established in the spring of 2005 on a beautiful south-facing slope with the South Downs as a backdrop, and is now one of the more charming vineyards in England.

Sussex shares similar geology to north-east France, the chalk of the downs runs beneath the Channel into the Champagne region. In Sussex we have a more maritime climate which is perfect for the production of Sparkling Wine.

The Vineyard Tour

The original Vineyard tour is an ideal introduction to wine growing in Sussex and commences with Tea and Cake and friendly chat about vine growing in the UK, followed by a walk round the vineyard to discuss the various jobs undertaken throughout the year. On the way back the group calls in at the winery and the rudiments of sparkling wine production are introduced and the processes discussed with the equipment used. Back in the tasting room there is a taste off between a well-known Champagne and Court Garden Sparkling Wine, always a bit of fun.

The Sparkling Wine Tour

The sparkling wine tour is for those who would like to taste the full range of Court Garden Internationally award winning wines and see and talk about the production of sparkling wine. After meeting in the tasting room the group goes immediately to the winery where a more in depth explanation of the sparkling wine process takes place. The group returns to the tasting room and receive a tutored tasting of all four of Court Garden Sparkling Wines.

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