Cracking Open Your Sparkling Wine

18th July 2023

Djuce Sparkling

Canned Wines are undoubtedly on the rise in production, one of the main selling points for them has to do with their sustainability, stated on this box ‘By choosing these six exclusive and artistic cans, instead of two traditional glass bottles, you are saving 72% of CO2 emissions on the packaging.’

Since launching in 2022, Djuce has released 17 different limited edition wines in cans, collaborating with top European winemakers like Verget, Meinklang and Heinrich. The brand is now launching a whole new range of natural wine essentials, packaged in aluminum cans, and equipped with the catchy name ‘CORE’.

“We want to make great natural wine accessible, affordable and sustainable for everyone. To be able to offer this quality of wine in smaller servings and at such a moderate price is our biggest – and in terms of physical size, smallest – feat yet. The playfulness of the smaller one-glass-size cans is also perfect for the restaurant, dance floor, buzzing dinners, or your back pocket.” – Pontus Lindqvist, Head of Wine at Djuce

“We made one of our first limited wines with Johan and his mouse illustration. People just seem to instinctively love that artwork, so when we started talking about designing our own permanent collection it felt natural to involve Johan and his characters. The characters also offer a playground to develop the characters and expand the Djuce CORE universe over time.” – Victor Köhler, Creative Director at Djuce

I want to quickly talk about their Bubbles – Pet Nat, with the brilliant and attractively designed can, below on the left, the tasting experience delivered yeasty floral, yellow floral, and lemons on a very aromatic aroma, with the palate gifting smooth yeasty influences with notes of lime, lemon and yellow floral, it was a joy to taste on a warm summers day.

Canned Sparkling Wines still have a long way to go in convincing people it’s a desired alternative to the adored bottle and cork, but as long as the quality stands up and in some cases, exceeds expectations, it will continue to become more accepted.

Oliver Walkey

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.