Crazy Situations To Drink Sparkling Wine

7th September 2022

Crazy Situations to drink Sparkling Wines

Do you ever find yourself in these crazy situations in life? Being dumbfounded, palm against the head, draw dropping type of situations, well if you’re answer is yes, then the situations I have for you are going to make you think twice.

Welcome To The Craziest Situations To Enjoy a Glass of Bubbly

International Space Station

Zero-G and Sparkling Wine, not quite sure if that’s a winning combination, but by God, you’d be able to enjoy a glass with the finest view available.

Sparkling Wine and any other fizzy or carbonated drinks are not suitable for spaceflight, because, in a Zero Gravity situation, the bubbles will cause ‘wet burps’, along with the fact that a foamy head cannot form as the bubbles do not rise.

Some of us have been able to enjoy a glass of bubbly while looking upon the Italian mountains, the Hawaiin beaches, or the French Alps, but no one has had the privilege to enjoy a glass of bubbly while watching the earth from space.

If we throw science out the window for a moment, I would suggest Champagne Royal Riviera as this Champagne is a wonderful example of an easy-to-drink yet complex Champagne, allowing you to experience a wonderful Champagne without taking the attention away from the mesmerizing view.

Champagne Royal Riviera – Royal Riviera – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Lovely expressive aromas of vanilla ice cream, yeasty, lightly toasted bread, creamy and a touch of citrus.”

Flavour 👅 “Light citrus with hints of apricot and peach flavours, yeasty and creamy at the close.”

Gold in the Creamy Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

During an Expedition to the Mariana Trench

Heading to the deepest part of the ocean, the lowest point on earth that you can get to without digging, this journey will be a little nerve-racking, but with the right equipment and team by your side, you’ll be alright, I have no idea if you can drink alcohol at this depth, but we know that bottles of Champagne have survived the sinking Titanic, ageing at the bottom of the ocean.

As we’re going to be spending some time surrounded by the ocean inside a capsule taking us down to the Challenger Deep, we might want a break from the rustic metal smell, so why not bring along a bottle of Sparkling Wine in the Sea Breeze category, and who better than the Trophy winner.

Llopart has a history of Viticulture dating back to 1385, it is documented in Latin writing, and the story reads that a Llopart family’s ancestor by the name of Bernardus Leopardi, was granted some vineyards located which he nurtured and produced his own wine.

Llopart Brut Reserva

Llopart – Brut Reserva – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Green pear, lemon and lime zest with minerals and white rose petals on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “Rich and refreshing green apples, citrus, minerals, with a touch of flaky pastry, yeast / dry bread in flavours.”

Trophy winner in the Sea Breeze Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Dinner With a Ghost

Whether you’re a believer or not, if there is someone who’s passed away that you’d like to enjoy a dinner with, either an ancestor or a historical figure, for me, it would be Sir Francis Drake, The Queens Pirate, but as you’re liking going to be tasked with bringing the Sparkling Wine, along with everything else, what bottle do you go for?

I don’t think this is a question that has ever been asked before, but how do you choose a bottle of Sparkling Wine to enjoy with a ghost? The answer has to depend on the ghost, for Sir Francis Drake, I would go for something like Simonic’s Semiska Penina Barrique because of its brilliant label and refreshing taste.

So ask yourself, who am I having dinner with, if it’s a relative? Try and find out if they ever enjoyed a certain Sparkling Wine, or a historical figure, if it’s Sir Winston Churchill for example, then you should go with a bottle of Pol Roger as it was his favourite Champagne, with him supposedly drinking 42,000 bottles during his lifetime.

The story of Penine Simonič begins in the late 1990s when Ivan Simonič decided to focus on making Sparkling Wine, he became the first Sparkling Wine producer in Bela Krajina, the first bottle of Semiška Penina was created in 2000.

Simonic – Semiska Penina Barrique Tasting Notes

Aroma – 👃 “Lemon, cooking apples, green apples and yellow apples with a sherbety hint on the aroma.”

Flavour – 👅 “A sweet citrus touch of lemon and yellow apples on the palate.”

Gold in the Meditation Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2020.

Settlement on Mars

Congratulations, you have been selected to venture into the unknown, to be the first colonists of a new world, we hope one day that this planet will sustain life beyond the boundaries of Earth.

Mars is a very hot planet, with average temperatures ranging around -81 degrees F, so finding a way to chill down your bottle of Sparkling Wine isn’t going to be easy, but as the first settlement on Mars, you should really enjoy one of the finer things from the planet Earth to celebrate this new chapter, not just in your life, but in the history of mankind, you’ll be the first to feel the effects of alcohol on the human body while standing on a different planet.

As to which bottle of Sparkling Wine should make the trip up to Mars, perhaps we should keep in the theme of red and bring along a bottle of Rosé de Saignée or Red Sparkling Wine.

I’ll recommend the Trophy winner in the Meditation category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards, Vina Kobal Štanjel’s Teranova Penina Tera from Slovenia.

The Vina Kobal brand presents wines from selected vineyards in the Karst region of Slovenia, more precisely from the oldest village in the area, Štanjel, a place where the centuries-old heritage of viticulture and winemaking is written in every piece of land.

Vina Kobal Štanjel – Teranova Penina Tera – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Wild red berries, blackberries, sweet natural spices, freshly squeezed redcurrant juice and more on this expressive aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “It doesn’t have the normal high tannins that most reds have, which allows for a riper fruity expression, wild berries, redcurrant, blackberries and natural spices on the palate.” The aroma and flavours are similarly matched, easy to relax to.

Trophy winner in the Meditation Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Alien Space Ship

Do Aliens exist? With the vast expanse all around us, heading off in infinite directions, it seems like a longshot to bet on no, but with no concrete evidence so far, the question is still up in the air.

Oh, wait a second, I was just standing in my garden, the next thing I know, I’m standing in an Alien Space ship, don’t know how I got here, but thank goodness I was holding a bottle of Bubbly, while I wait to be greeted by an unknown species, I’ll pop open this slightly chilled bottle of Sparkling Wine, perhaps the Aliens and I could form a relationship over a glass or two.

Being beamed up to a place no human has been before might be scary and with no way of knowing what is coming your way, then I recommend a Meditation Sparkling Wine, to try and help you find some peace and relax.

Fox & Fox was created by Jonica Fox and her husband Gerard Fox planted their first vine in 2004, it was Gerard that inspired Jonica to get into the fizz business after he tasted some English Sparkling Wine at an event in London in 2003 and by 2009 they had started producing their own Sparkling Wine. They currently own 30 acres and grow the following grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Fox & Fox – Expression Rosé 2014

Fox & Fox – Expression 2014 – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Rhubarb, red pears, soft sweet spices, fresh dough, pink rose petals on the nose.”

Flavour 👅 Dry flavours, bold. Crisp crushed red berries and garden strawberries, touch of garden nettles, near ripe red apple skins and so much more.

Gold in the Meditation Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021

Inside A Cave

For a reason of your choosing we have to hold up inside a cave, it’s not huge, but spacious enough to spend some time without driving each other nuts, oh what’s this I see, can it be, oh why yes it is, a bottle of Sparkling Wine is tucked away between some rocks, who on earth could have left this bottle behind, it doesn’t belong to us, but if the owner comes back, I’ll just buy them another bottle, let’s pop it open and kill some time discussing the characteristics of this Sparkling Wine.

Champagne Alexandre Bonnet is nestled in the far reaches of the Laignes valley, on the beautiful borders of the Côte des Bar between Champagne and Burgundy, with timeless views of their vineyards planted on the rolling hillsides that emerged during the Jurassic period.

Champagne Alexandre Bonnet – Blanc de Noirs – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Green fruits, floral notes, peach skin and tangerine aromas. “

Flavour 👅 “Green citrus, minerals and red berry flavours.”

Gold in the Classic & Elegant Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021.

On The Edge Of A Volcano

Wow, it’s hot, that might just be an understatement, it’s certainly not going to be easy to keep your Sparkling Wine chilled around a Volcano, but why not get a taste of the land by popping open a bottle of Sparkling Wine produced from Volcanic Ash.

The reason this bottle of Sparkling Wine from Los Bermejo Winery is perfect is because the vines that produced the grapes in the bottle, were grown on Volcanic Ash, one of the most mineral-rich types of terroir

Los Bermejo Wineryowned by one of the most important families in Lanzarote, it wasn’t until 2001 they really got started in the production of wine, and in just a few years they became the oenological head of the island. Oenology refers to the science and study of wine and winemaking.

They say their wines reflect the richness of their land, landscapes and the efforts of their farmers, and after tasting their Sparkling Wine, I’m in no doubt that that’s true, the area where they plant their vines are surrounded by volcanic ash and black stones, their vineyard looks nothing like the traditional set up for vines, it is very unique and is an amazing sight to see.

Bodegas Los Bermejos – Bermejo Malvasía Volcánica Brut Nature – Tasting Notes

Aroma 👃 “Citrus, minerals and wet stones on the aroma.”

Flavour 👅 “An enjoyable middle ground of citrus, not too sweet but not bitter either, minerals with wet stones, a good wine to pair with foods.”

Silver in the Gastronomic Category at the Glass of Bubbly Awards 2021


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