Creamy Chicken Champagne Recipe

3rd January 2019


Many will ask if you can cook with Champagne and the great answer is that yes you can! Just like many meals are enhanced when we add red and white wines whilst we prepare them, Champagne can also compliment those special dishes.

Creamy Chicken and Champagne is an easy to prepare dish and a great experience of what having Champagne as part of your ingredients offers you.

You can make this dish by adding in mushrooms though for this occasion we have used thinly sliced carrots. To accompany the dish we also went for broccoli.


Fresh chicken breast


Single cream



Champagne (Deutz NV Brut)


Take the Champagne from the fridge and pour yourself a glass of bubbly.

Slice each chicken breast in to three thin pieces.

Thinly slice carrot and boil. Take broccoli and start to heat on a low gas level.

Heat some butter in a pan and add the chicken breast and slowly cook until golden brown each side.

Add the cream to the chicken and slowly heat.

Take the boiled and softened carrot slices and add to the chicken and mix in and continue to heat slowly.

After a few minutes add the Champagne by simply pouring in approximately a one half flute measure.

Continue to heat and stir the sauce and chicken for 5 minutes on a low heat.

You are now ready to serve the dinner and enjoy!

The taste is smooth, creamy and savoury yet the dish easily allows the flavours of the Champagne to present itself in the palate.

Champagne Deutz is available to buy from Gonzalez Byass online.


Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.