Cricket Fans Warned Not to Pop Champagne Corks

5th September 2016


Members of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) have been advised not to pop Champagne corks in order to avoid distracting or injuring outfielders at Lord’s.

The move follows formal complaints from visiting teams that their outfielders had been distracted by the sound of corks landing close to them and that flying corks constitute a hazard.  In the past, stewards have had to clear dozens of corks littering the outfield; spectators commonly cheer when corks land so far from the stands.

A newsletter to the MCC’s members read: “Lord’s is now the only ground into which Members and ticket holders are allowed to bring alcohol and in order for this arrangement to continue it is important that all Members, their guests and other spectators refrain from the practice that has been described.”



Glass of Bubbly

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