Customized Wedding Guest Book Ideas for Champagne Lovers

1st February 2023

Wedding Champagne

Having a guest book at your wedding can help capture some of those amazing memories in a more permanent way, and also gives people who attend a way to leave their own mark that goes beyond merely appearing in photographs.

It’s easy to put together custom guest book creations for your special day, and if you’re a big fan of Champagne then there are plenty of options to consider if you want to make this wedding accessory truly bespoke.

If you’re looking for wedding guest book ideas and inspiration, then hang around as we’re about to lay down some suitable starting points that you can take and run with.

DIY Pop-the-Cork Guest Book: A Fun and Interactive Idea

There are few ideas that are better suited to Champagne lovers than the hands-on approach of a DIY pop-the-cork guest book. It’s an interactive, entertaining way to have guests leave their mark as part of the festivities.

To start, simply buy some mini Champagne bottles, attach tags with each guest’s name on them, and get creative with how they can ‘pop’ their cork. You could choose to hang these up in garlands or even let your guests run around popping away at different times throughout the evening.

Whatever you decide, it is sure to be fun and festive – perfect for any bubbly celebration. And you can then preserve the tagged corks as tokens to hark back to the celebrations. Give guests pens to write their own messages on the tags for added impact.

Bespoke Photo Books: A Keepsake To Treasure

If you want a more traditional wedding guest book which still signifies your love of Champagne, try Mixbook’s full customizable designs and make something that’s totally unique.

For instance, you could add a snap of you and your partner to the front, featuring you enjoying a glass of your favourite fizzy tipple, and then fill the pages with other meaningful photos from throughout your relationship.

Don’t worry if this sounds like it might take time to complete, as you can make use of templates to speed up the wedding book creation process. It’s just a case of slotting your perfect pics into the right places.

Choosing the photos could be a challenge in its own right, of course. If that’s the case, perhaps ask a close friend or family member to help out; someone who’s looking for a job to help out with in the run-up to the wedding.

Create a Personalized Champagne Toast Station for Guests to Sign In

The welcome drink at a well-planned wedding doesn’t need to be a throw-away gesture, particularly if you put some thought into the presentation. With a Champagne toast station that doubles up as a guest book, you’ll tick all the boxes.

You could also provide an array of other supplies such as markers, glitter pens, or even stickers so they can decorate either the guest book, or the bottles of bubbly that you’ve laid on for the occasion, any way they wish.

At the end of the night all these customized souvenirs will be ready for display at home – making this wedding guest book idea one that is sure to last forever.

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for a Champagne-themed photo book for guests to sign, or bottles of bubbly that are ready to be adorned with the scribblings of excited guests, it’s possible to make this a stand-out part of the experience if you plan it thoroughly.
Most importantly, make sure guests understand what’s expected of them, so that no one misses this out on the day.

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