Cuvée Carbon: The Bottle

4th September 2014

Cuvée Carbon: The Bottle

As the most precious jewels should be protected in the most beautiful cases, Alexandre Mea taught that the valuable heritage that his family passes from generation to generation was meant to be kept in an iconic bottle.

Therefore he thought that the Carbon would both keep the wine safe from alteration and give to the container the prestige that deserves the Cuvée. Wich lead him to create this bottle, embodiment of the family’s philosophy.

With supreme refinement and modernity, Cuvée Carbon brings to the king of wines, the ultimate container in a Haute Couture bottle, the stunning “Black Dress”.

The accuracy of the hand of man can not leave room for any machine whatsoever. Each bottle is unique and bears the signature of the craftsman, a true artist. The achievement of each bottle requires six days of work before receiving therein the precious nectar of the Cuvée.


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