Cuvee Castelar Extra Brut from Uruguay

4th July 2014

Cuvee Castelar Extra Brut from Uruguay

Cuvee Castelar Extra Brut, made with the same modern techniques used in Champagne, thanks to the influence of Pierre Harang (renowned chef du cave from the Champagne region) since 2001.


A pale gold colour with soft light greenish reflections.
A perfumed nose with touches of green lemon, tropical fruits and floral notes. A gentle hint of pepper and spices creates the perfect balance between acidity and its freshness.
Its roundness, its smoothness, its discrete potency allied with an elegant lightness and its creamy taste come together in a persistent fine richness.

Harvest when high acidity and low ph. Manual harvest in small cases of 15 to 17 kgs. No use of destemmer (too aggressive) grapes go directly to a pneumatic press, obtaining only from this press a 40% of juice (the heart).

Fermentation process is done between 14 to 16 degrees.

After alcoholic fermentation, the must is kept in refrigerated tanks, at 10 degrees approx. until the time when is put in the bottle for the second fermentation. Added yeast and sugar. Extra Brut (less than 6 grams of sugar per litre)

Fermentation in bottle done following same protocols as in Champagne, 3 to 4 months in special cellar in horizontal position yeast consumes the sugar, it produces carbon dioxide, which in this step is not allowed to escape.

Then is left to age on its lees for at least 18 months. After the ageing process has been completed, is subjected to a process called “riddling,” in which the bottles are rotated slightly each day and gradually moved so that the necks are pointing down. This allows dead yeast and other sediments to collect in the mouth of the bottle, where it can be removed. The process of removing the sediment is called “disgorging,” and it takes a great deal of skill to do manually without losing more than a minimal amount of wine.

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