Cuvée Secrète Pinot Noir

5th July 2017


Domaines Paul Mas has been run by Jean-Claude Mas since 2000. He has quickly built up an impressive portfolio of 12 estates covering 650ha of choice vineyards across the region. Today, Domaines Paul Mas is one of the Languedoc’s most influential wineries and greatest innovators.

The Cuvée Secrète range is made of wines using ancient varietals or wines that have been made with different vinification methods. This Pinot Noir traditional method has been vinified and aged at the heart of the Limoux estate. It is truly unique and once again shows Jean-Claude Mas creative approach to winemaking!
The sparkling wine is a lovely garnet-red colour, with aromas of cherries and sweet spices.
The flavours of dark fruit ‘umami’ give a feeling between sweetness and soft tannins making it a perfect food companion.

Enjoy with a slice of black forest gateau, dark chocolate sublime or blackberry coulis.


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