David Henault, Chief Winemaker at the CV-CNF

10th April 2014

David Henault, Chief Winemaker at the CV-CNF

David Henault became Chief Winemaker at the Centre Vinicole – Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte in 2011.  He took over the role from Jean-Pierre Vincent, having worked at his side for seven years.  A worthy heir to this role, he will ensure the consistency of blending and promote the range of Nicolas Feuillatte Champagnes throughout the world. Extremely well qualified and confident in his unique talent, he brings an impressive wealth of international experience to the Champagne House.


From California to South Africa, not forgetting Australia, he has garnered a wide range of skills working with a number of extremely diverse wines. It was only on his arrival at Nicolas Feuillatte that this globetrotter with an insatiable appetite for the “beyond”, discovered his universe of choice and a new scope for his expression. Ultimately responsible for the inimitable style that has created the success of the Champagne House, David Henault naturally intends to pass on his taste for escape to the compass-adorned Champagnes in the range.

The Nicolas Feuillatte style is about unconventional, straightforward Champagne…and as a result, extremely complicated to create! It involves a lot of soul-searching,” he explains.

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