De Watère Cuvée Premier Brut Rosé

4th November 2014

De Watère Cuvée Premier Brut Rosé

The melange of rich foam composition and profound rosé colour excellent induces the taste of fresh berries. The rosé’s aromas are dominated by intense blackberries and raspberries. The connoisseur experiences the rose as discreet yet fruity. Its light dosage allows for all the various aromas to unfold. Our Rosé de Noir consists of 100% Pinot Noir.

The Best in Every Detail
Down to the detail, we ensure our care and attention to perfection will materialise on your palate. Even the perforation around the neck of the bottle, where you rip away the extra-durable foil, lets through the exact right amount of air to keep the cork underneath in perfect condition; therefore, protecting the wine iside.

Glass of Bubbly

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