December Delights in Epernay

11th November 2016


Do you want a taste of food prepared by some of the region’s top chefs paired with great Champagnes? If so Epernay on December 10th is the place for you.

In 2000 the first Habits de Lumière was held in Epernay. Three days of festivities to mark the end of the year. The Avenue de Champagne comes alive with bars in the courtyards of the Champagne houses. There are also parades, firework displays, spectacles and much more. The event has become so popular that it attracts 40,000 people from throughout the world.

On Saturday, December 10th in a marquee near the Halle Saint-Thibaud, a special event will be held. This is the Habits de Saveurs and starts at 9 00.

Ten of the region’s top chefs , members of Les Etoilés de Champagne, will be there to show you their culinary talents. Each will prepare a dish with seasonal produce and provide a commentary on the different steps whilst making it. You will then be invited to taste it with a Champagne specially selected to accompany it.

The list of chefs and the names of their chosen Champagnes are available on the site Habits de Lumière Epernay. The dishes to be prepared will only be revealed on the day. You can though go to the same site for recipes from previous years. They’ll make your mouths water.

Jon Catt

Tour guide for the Champagne region who lives in Troyes. Specialising in family run Champagne house visits in the Aube and the Marne plus wine tours in the Yonne and Côte d'Or.