Design Basement Wine Cellars – Get the Most Out of Your Space

25th March 2021

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Designing and building a wine cellar is fun. You get to choose from many different styles and sizes of cellars. Also, you get the chance to make your cellar look like something out of a magazine or from a home catalogue. If you need some help deciding how to design and build a basement wine cellar, there are some very important things to know first. Read on for some information to help you out.

Styles of Basement Wine Cellars:

There are several different styles of basement wine cellars available on the market today. Most people will agree that the larger the cellar the more expensive it tends to be. Therefore, if you have a large budget you can get a smaller cellar but there still might be some options you can afford that won’t cost much more than a small one. A little research will go a long way when it comes to choosing the right cellar for you.

Before starting your basement wine cellar’s project make sure you have an idea of what style of cellars you want. The two most popular types are the French door and the U-shaped cellar.

French Door:

The French door is a walk-in cellar that has a doorway in the front rather than the back. They are the more expensive of the two options but if you are going to use yours as a wine cellar then the price difference probably won’t matter too much.

Walk-In Cellar:

However, if you plan to only use it for storing and drinking wines then the U-shaped cellars will work better for you.

Door with Locking Mechanism:

When designing your best basement wine cellars make sure you choose a door with a locking mechanism. Although it isn’t necessary, it will make the process of retrieving your bottles much easier and keep the elements out of your cellar as well. It also gives you peace of mind that your wine is kept safe from pests and other wood-eating animals.

Instructions for Storage Room or Kitchen:

It’s best to choose a door that is made of wood because this helps to keep out any moisture. As well, it will help the rest of the room look more attractive since it blends in with the overall architecture of your home. Your wine cellar can be designed using many different types of storage space. For example, you can build a walk-in wine cellar or one that is attached to your kitchen or living room. No matter what you decide to do with your cellar make sure you follow all the guidelines set forth by your building codes.

Now that you know how to design basement wine cellars you are ready to start putting it all together. The first step is to dig out the area in the basement where you will be building the structure. You need to make sure that you leave at least three feet of access for the plumbing and electrical system that will be needed when you finish your basement wine cellar project. After the access is finished your work is finally done. Your basement wine cellars are now ready to be installed.

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