Deutz Champagne

29th August 2014

Deutz Champagne

Deutz has its roots in Aÿ, one of Champagne’s most historic and most renowned terriors. The residence, built in traditional Champagne style, harbours the heritage and spirit unique to Deutz.

The House was founded in 1838 through the association of William Deutz with Pierre-Hubert Geldermann who were both wine merchents from Aix-le-Chapelle. Over the years, the successors have worked hard to develop the brand’s character and elegance.

Deutz maintains close ties with its faithful grape producers. Day after day, the team apply their policy of sustainable vineyard management. Down in the cellars, between 60 and 180 feet below the vines, time stands still. Sometimes, in the silent darkness, more than 10 years will elapse before the precious cuvées are brought back up to see daylight.


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