Different Types of Wine Coolers: Choose According to Your Preference

20th August 2020


For enhancing the flavor and aroma of the wine, the role of wine cellars is significant. Storing them properly can improve the taste as well as the quality of the wine. Wine cellars offer optimum temperature along with a proper humidity factor and thus save your wine from the spoilage

Check out this page for some insights on the best wine coolers and fridges available in the market that can fit into the room and provide you with all such benefits. You can buy the stock in large quantities which may allow you to save money and store your wine properly.

Why Is Temperature an Important Factor While Storing Wines?

Storage temperature can make a huge impact on the actual temperature of the wine. There are different ranges or categories of wine available. Hence, there is an individual sweet spot for each of these categories.

• Champagne, wines with a sweet taste, or the wines in white or pink color generally need to be chilled. These wines demand a temperature of around 40 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit to chill. Without cooling them, their taste would be more like a normal syrup.

• Lighter bodied red wine or low tannin wines with a lower range of alcohol are best served with a temperature closer to and between 58 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Full-bodied red wines or high tan wines are meant to be stored at a temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, depending upon short term or long term storage, choosing the proper cooler or refrigerator for your wine is important.

Difference Between Wine Storage and Wine Refrigeration

Elements like the sun, temperature, vibration have an impact on the taste, quality, and durability of the wine over a period of time. There is a difference between wine refrigeration and wine storage. If you want to store your wines for special occasions then wine refrigerators are just the thing that you are looking for.

A wine fridge or refrigerator is a specialized refrigerator that has a temperature slightly warmer than the normal refrigerator and ideally said around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the temperature when things slow down and everything in the wine starts to age at a consistent level.

Always keep in mind to never put your wine refrigerator in a place where the temperature is 30 degrees warmer than the desired temperature set of your wine. Otherwise, it will make the fan and refrigeration unit work too hard and might expire your warranty and spoil the taste of the wine as well.

On the other hand, wine storage systems have many attributes towards having better containers for the long term aging of the wine. These storage devices are a little different from that of a wine refrigerator.

Types of Wine Coolers That You Can Choose

How to choose the right wine cooler? Choosing the right wine cooler might sound tricky as there are so many options available out there.

Storing your wine in the right environment and serving it up at the correct temperature is essential to get the most out of every bottle. You need to consider the following factors while choosing wine coolers.
• Placement
• Capacity
• Temperature settings
• Features

Depending on different storage purposes, you can choose the different compressor or thermoelectric based cooling mechanism. Champagne, sweet wine, white wine, sparkling wine can be stored in one zone and you can have another zone for storing red wines.

Compressor Wine Cooler

• This type of cooler uses a motor to cool down the interior. It is more powerful and works on the mechanism of compressing and releasing air and takes less time to cool down.

• The compressor in the refrigerator chamber electronically compresses the refrigerant molecules which increases the temperature of the molecules. Afterward, a sudden release of the particles decreases the temperature again.

• Due to this mechanism, cold air flows inside the cooler with the help of a fan, and heat escapes through the back of the cooler and maintains an optimum temperature.

• They can keep up with the surrounding high temperature.

• Consumers need to keep in mind that the compressor does kick on and off just like the fridge producing a bit of sound which might not always make the compressor wine cooler suitable for placing in bedrooms.

Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

• Another type of wine cooler is the thermoelectric wine cooler which uses electric current to cool down the interior.

• To create a temperature difference, a metal rod is electrolyzed. The interior and exterior of the cooler get to face the cool and heated side of the electrolyzed rod respectively.

• Cold air is circulated in the interior of the cooler through a fan. There is a ventilation system on all sides including one in the back for ventilating out the heat.

• There are no vibrating sounds in these types of wine coolers.

• Consumers need to keep in mind that this type of cooler cannot be used where the surrounding temperature is very high. This is due to the absence of the compressor.

Single Zone Wine Cooler

• This type of cooler comes with a single storage unit with a single temperature that cools all the bottles.

• The body and frame of the cooler are made of stainless steel with carbon filter air filtration fitted with a glass door.

• They can run either on the compressor or thermoelectric based cooling systems.

• They are comparatively less expensive than other coolers.

• Due to their single temperature feature, this type of wine coolers can be used for consumers who have a taste for a particular or single type of wine or are new-bee wine collectors.

Dual Zone Wine Cooler

• This type of cooler comes with two storage units with varying temperatures.

• The cooling system can be either compressor or thermoelectric based.

• The racks are designed to hold each bottle separately and thus allowing them to cool down more precisely.

• They are more expensive compared to single zone wine coolers.

• Due to the two separate storage systems, this type of wine coolers is suitable for those consumers who have a collection of different kinds of wines that need to be stored at different temperatures.

In brief, personal preference is what matters while choosing the correct wine coolers for yourself. Wine can be stored for a short period of time or can also be stocked for long term consumption. According to the difference in the taste of the wine, there is a difference in it’s storing temperature too. Keep in mind to consider the capacity, features, durability, and functionality while choosing the best wine coolers for your place.

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