Discover a Diamond in Every Bottle of Diamant Classique Sparkling Wine

5th May 2016

Discover a Diamond in Every Bottle of Diamant Classique Sparkling Wine

There are only a few regions in the world that are simultaneously endowed with the quintessential terroir to produce two of the world’s most sought-after luxury products, namely – diamonds and wine.

South Africa has been well documented as being one of these regions. Producing some of the world’s most celebrated diamonds for over a century, however somewhat lesser known, but equally noteworthy, is its production of premium wines in the fertile valleys of the Cape.

With New World wineries producing some of the finest sparkling wines that meticulously incorporate the methode traditionnelle process, they have taken this opportunity to present Diamant Classique – a new & evolved luxury experience.

Diamant Classique incorporate genuine certified diamonds to bottles of premium sparkling wine, by means of a unique and innovative process.

Diamant Classique is a world-first and is manufactured to the highest International luxury standards.



The Diamant Classique Experience

The price one pays for Champagne is not justified by taste alone, but by the occasion and the experience” – From within this fundamental observation, Diamant Classique was born.

Diamant Classique presents far more to an occasion than simply a bottle of premium bubbly. There is the added heightened sense of expectation and exhilaration – the “DC Experience”.

This ‘DC Experience’ comprises of:

  • Premium New World Sparkling Wine
  • Premium Leather and Aluminium Packaging
  • Handcrafted Blow-Glass Pendant
  • Unique presentation of a Genuine Certified Diamond

The discovery of a diamond in a bottle of sparkling wine, can be related to the joy and elation of discovering a pearl in an oyster. However, with Diamant Classique it is a far more pleasurable experience to access our ‘pearl’.

With diamonds being sourced at the source and incorporating uncompromised New World sparkling wine, we are able to present this ‘DC Experience’ at a wholesale price far below that of the diamond on its own at retail level. In addition, Diamant Classique is presented at a comparable retail price point to that of premium Champagnes.


Glass of Bubbly

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