Discover the Beautiful Region of Côte des Bar, Champagne

22nd September 2017


Lovers of authenticity and fine bubbles will appreciate the Aube and its Champagne Route through the Côte des Bar. This region is devoted to wine growing with its picturesque villages, remarkable vineyards, vaulted cellars and typical ‘cadoles’ (vineyard huts with mortared walls); you will discover a unique region full of passion. In the care of enthusiastic and passionate wine growers, you will be initiated into the secrets of Champagne and taste remarkable vintages. Full-bodied or smooth, delicate or complex, you will learn to appreciate Champagne and how Champagne is produced.

So don’t miss out visiting this beautiful part of the region and book a visit to a Champagne House while you’re there.

Discover Champagne Poinsot Frères

It’s a story of handing down of an innate knowledge from great-grandfather to grandfather to their father and to his children. Champagne Poinsot Frères is a family-run Champagne House in the Côtes des Bar.

Their vineyards are spread around the pretty village of Loches sur Ource, in several little valleys such as: Val Bonneau, Crête de Beauregard and Les Mais Huettes.

Enjoy a tour and tasting of 1 Champagne for just 6€ or 3 Champagnes for 15€. You can also enjoy a tasting workshop to discover which of the 3 Champagnes pair with local specialities (cheeses, appetizers, biscuits, etc.).

You will enjoy a Tasting of 3 Champagnes:

– Brut Tradition

– Intense Chardonnay Vintage

– Grand Heritage Vintage

Book a tour online for free at Champagne-Booking

Other Champagne Houses to visit in the region include:

Champagne Drappier

Champagne Albert Beerens

Champagne Joël Falmet

Champagne Gruet

Champagne Gremillet

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