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18th August 2017


La Cité du Champagne Collet invites you to discover more with their range of tours, exposition and workshops and yes you can also taste their Champagne!

Tour and Tasting: exposition ‘Champagne and Wars’

‘Champagne and Wars’ La Marne at the heart of the turmoil.

La Cité du Champagne offers you an interdisciplinary perspective on the global conflicts which hurt the Marne, with a special focus on the towns of Epernay and Aÿ.

Price 12€ This is a temporary exposition until March 2018.

Tour and Tasting Crafts & Tools Museum (Available in English or French)

Discover the evolution of vine husbandry and of the Champagne making process, through a unique collection of tools amazingly staged (more than 1500 parts, tools and original documents).

The Tour continues in the sloped vineyards of Aÿ, classified 100% Grand Cru, facing a breathtaking panoramic view!

The Tour ends with one or several Tasting(s) of Champagne Collet.

Price 14€.

Barrel-making workshop

During this authentic workshop, the barrel maker of the Champagne-Ardenne region, will share its ancestral know-how and introduce you to the crafts and work of a barrel maker.

You’ll have the opportunity to admire the masterful skills of these passionate craftsmen!

Price 16€. Only available on 9th September 2017.

5 sensory workshops

A playful discovery of the universe of the Champagne around 5 sensory workshops.

Experienced lovers or curious greenhorns will find what they are looking for by being guided by their senses and by answering the various challenges on the theme of Champagne!

Price 16€. Only available on 23rd September 2017.

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