Discover Champagne Liébart-Régnier

14th September 2017


Established in 1960 by Lucien Liébart and Georgette Régnier, Champagne Liébart-Régnier is situated in Baslieux-sous-Châtillon, a typical Champagne village at the heart of the Vallée de la Marne.

2nd generation Lauren Liébart and his wife Valérie, produce a range of Champagne from their 10 hectares of vineyards over 2 villages; Baslieux-sous-Châtillon and Vauciennes. They are now joined by the third generation, daughters, Alexandra and Marion who have also joined the family business.

They are fully certified as H.V.E. This certification Haute Valeur Environnementale encourages respect for nature is a result of the efforts to look after the natural habitat by such means as growing grass between the vines, helping to preserve the biodiversity, using pheromones to naturally deter insects and the choice of fertilizers.

Discover their Brut rosé made from Pinot Noir grown on parcels of mature vines. They create a red wine ‘Coteau Champenois’ that is a mix of reserved wines. It is this blend which creates the fruity, fine and delicate rosé which makes for enjoyable summer apéritifs or which pair beautifully with chicken dishes, white meats and desserts made from red fruits.

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